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Andrew Wilkow: If Social Security is popular, ‘why do you have to coerce people into it?’ [VIDEO]

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In an interview with The Daily Caller, conservative radio host Andrew Wilkow discussed what he said were the erroneous economic principles of progressives.

“You will get a progressive that will say, ‘Well, Social Security is really popular.’ And I’ll say, ‘Well, let’s make it voluntary’. [The progressive will say,] ‘Oh, well, we can’t do that; It will collapse.’ … There is nothing in the Constitution that says the federal government is supposed to be running our retirement program, but if it was popular, why do you have to coerce people into it?”

Wilkow also waded in to the debate over the minimum wage.

“It’s astounding to me how every time the minimum wage goes up and prices go up, they call for another minimum wage increase.”

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