Reporter’s notebook: Whistleblower Thomas Drake [AUDIO]

Josh Peterson | Tech Editor

When news of the DOJ’s investigation of The Associated Press first broke, Thomas Drake was one of the first people I wanted to call.

His experience as a government whistleblower seemed an omen of current news cycles.

Since our conversation took place that first week, further revelations about DOJ’s investigations into the press and their sources have shown just how far the administration is willing to go to control information.

The Daily Caller published a shorter version of Drake’s comments, a rough summary of a hour-long conversation, but Drake opened up about his own case, which ended in a misdemeanor plea; the Pentagon Papers and the Nixon Admnistration; Orwellian newspeak and the mainstream press’ sudden criticism of the Obama administration.

We also touched on the Founders’ intent for the First and Fourth Amendments, the IRS’ targeting of tea party groups, and the nature of a free press.

With Mr. Drake’s permission, I am respectfully making available the audio of our phone call.

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