Tech geek proposes to girlfriend while wearing Google Glass on his face [VIDEO]

Eva Cover Contributor
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From impromptu parades to faked airplane crash landings, marriage proposals are getting more and more creative and outlandish. However, one man found a way to make his lady’s special day truly stand out.

In a video entitled “she said yes #throughglass,” Breon Nagy, a self-described “gadget enthusiast by night” and “glass explorer,” became the first man to propose through Google Glass.

According to the Daily Mail, Nagy popped the question to Amanda Ingle, and began the proposal by proclaiming, “If you are my queen, I’ll buy you a million castles. Let’s start our adventure.”

As Nagy goes down on one knee, Google Glass recorded exactly what the man saw, providing a view of Ingle’s eager face. She placed the ring on her finger and, with a smile breaking across her face, squealed, “Yes! Of course I will!”  The video ends with Ingle kissing her Glass-wearing fiance.

Both Ingle and Nagy shared their romantic moment on Google+ and Twitter, stoking a mass reaction from techies across the globe.

In a description accompanying the video on YouTube, Nagy writes, “I propose to my girlfriend through Google Glass. I was carrying the ring around with me for 2 days and finally decided that Leeds Castle was a good place to ask her to marry me. Earlier she asked me to buy her a castle, that’s why I said what I did :).”


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