World’s most expensive motorhome [SLIDESHOW]

Laurel Contributor
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Are you the type of person who enjoys making everyday drivers on the road turn and say, “What. is. that. monstrosity?”


Then you’re in luck, because the “eleMMent Palazzo,” the world’s most expensive motorhome, is for sale in Dubai. If you are so fabulously wealthy that you can drop a cool $3.1 million on the vehicle, why not broadcast it to the world? (Or, at least, the highway.)

The gold color will definitely grab attention in a sophisticated, yet subtle way. You can also get it in white, if you desire. (But why would you?)

But wait, there’s more! The vehicle comes complete with heated floors, air conditioning, a 40-inch HD TV, barbecue grill station, spacious master bedroom and a luxury sky lounge.

The steps are even lined with red carpet.

But, you must act quickly. We hear the Department of Homeland Security might be wanting an armored one as command vehicle. Look for a bid request soon!

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