Coulter derides Sen. Graham for statements on GOP needing immigration reform [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Sean Hannity’s Tuesday radio show, conservative commentator Ann Coulter responded to South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham’s statement that the Republican Party is in a “demographic death spiral” and must pass immigration reform if it wants to recover politically.

Coulter, author of “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama,” said conservatives can win Hispanics, but only by cutting the flow of foreign workers.

“We can win Hispanics,” Coulter said. “We can’t win them if we keep bringing in the foreign workers.”

She pointed out that in 2012, the black vote was much higher than anyone had expected while other demographics declined, including the much-coveted Hispanic vote.

“Most groups declined in voting, including Hispanics,” Coulter said. “And in the end despite all of these Hispanic activist groups, La Raza and so on, telling us, ‘Oh, huge demographic explosion — Hispanics 12 percent, 18 percent of the electorate.’ It was only 8.4 [percent], and as Byron York has shown, even if 70 percent of Hispanics had voted for Romney, Romney still would have lost. No Republican candidate for president has even gotten 50 percent.”

As for Graham’s comments, she said he had fallen victim to the wiles of Democratic Sens. Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer.

“I think he’s not as bright as Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions,” Coulter said. “I noticed that the Princeton and Harvard graduates aren’t falling for this bill of goods being pushed on them by Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer. They are the authors of this amnesty bill, and somehow they have gotten our weakest Republicans to sign onto it and try to sell it to the rest of the country.”

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