Two-year-old boy genius is high-IQ club’s youngest boy member

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He boasts an IQ of 141. He learned Spanish, French, and Japanese in only two years. He potty trained himself at the age of one, after reading a book about it.

What sounds like the credentials for the World’s Most Interesting Man is actually just a few accomplishments of a boy barely surpassing toddler status.

Two-year-old Adam Kirby of south London was recently inducted into Mensa, the prestigious high IQ program, according to a Daily Mail report.

Kirby’s score of 141 on the Stanford-Binet IQ test bested President Barack Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s scores and is four points shy of genius level. His astounding abilities include spelling 100 words in English, identifying some elements on the periodic table and knowing basic times tables. Counting to 20 in Spanish and Japanese and to 10 in French as well pointing out various countries on the map are among his other talents. The Daily Mail also reported that Kirby potty-trained himself at the age of one by reading a book.

“Adam’s abilities are outstanding and we’ve been actively developing his intelligence since he was 10 weeks old — but we’re certainly delighted for him,” Adam’s father Dean said.

“While most children are just learning to stand up or crawl Adam was reading books, his development was just mind-blowingly quick.”

At two years and five months, Kirby is the youngest boy to join the Mensa organization. The youngest, six-year-old Elise Tan Roberts, joined Mensa when she was two years and four months.

Despite this monumental achievement, Kirby’s parents are not stopping with Adam. Their youngest son, Ethan, is only two months old, but is already being prepped for greatness.

“I expect that he will develop at a faster pace than Adam as my wife and I are now more experienced, and he has his older brother Adam to learn from.

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