GSA employees produced skits, parody videos

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In another case of taxpayer money gone to waste, the United States General Services Administration produced over six new skits and parody videos, according to information obtained by Judicial Watch.

“This latest round of extravagant and embarrassing GSA videos is further evidence of a bloated federal government completely out of control,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

One video shows a GSA employee rapping advice to young employees, while another is a Jeopardy-style skit. Other videos parodied such films as “The Godfather,” “Sherlock Holmes,” “Mission Impossible,” and “Rocky.”

Judicial Watch was tipped off about the videos by Linda Shenwick, a former GSA senior executive. When her role as a whistle-blower was made public, she was demoted to the agency’s childcare center.

Though evidence of the videos’ existence was revealed in April 2012, Judicial Watch’s request to have access to the videos was not responded to until recently, after the watchdog group filed a lawsuit in May for the agency’s slow response.

GSA has a history of wasting taxpayer money. A 2012 inspector general’s report revealed that the agency spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a lavish Las Vegas conference in 2010.

Dan Tangerlini took over as head of GSA after Martha Johnson resigned in 2012 amid the highly publicized scandal. He resolved to drastically cut back on agency spending, though Fitton doubts Tangerlini’s resolve.

“Clearly the new administrator will have his work cut out for him if this pattern of preposterous waste is to be curtailed, ” Fitton said.

The awesome rapping starts at 7:46:

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