Wasted college students show deplorable, hilarious ignorance of American history [VIDEO]

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Welcome back from the long holiday weekend, Daily Caller readers. As you settle into the rest of the summer, take a moment to laugh at these young, almost certainly drunk and possibly stoned American college kids who know nothing about the origins of the country.

YouTube pranking crew Whatever is behind the video. The interviews occurred on July 4th in student-ridden Isla Vista, California, where a typical resident attends the University of California, Santa Barbara or, perhaps, Santa Barbara City College.

“It’s July 4th today and I’m going to be asking people a little bit about the history of July 4th,” explains the narrator at the outset of the clip.

While many answers seem pretty obviously made in jest by the festive interviewees, some people appear genuinely stumped by what you’d hope are softball questions.

“In what year did we gain independence?” was a question that gave holiday revelers quite a bit of trouble, for example.

“Umm, I think it — I think it’s about 1700, something like that,” answered a guy wearing his sunglasses on his collar.

“Who did we gain our independence from?” is another question that proved thorny.

Three women on camera laughed in self-aware embarrassment at their inability to answer this one. Finally, one of them ventured, “France.”

“British Columbia,” confidently replied the woman in the next scene.

“Who knows?” replied still another respondent.

The guy who didn’t know the year the United States gained — or, at least, declared — independence did redeem himself on this one, by the way.

Students also managed to get the number of stars on the American flag wrong. Wrong answers included 52, 48 and 51.

The more difficult question about the number of stripes on the flag proved equally vexing. Inaccurate guesses included 20 and — oh, so close — 12.

There was also a dastardly trick question: “What is the difference between Independence Day and the 4th of July?”

“Independence Day was the day we declared independence and the 4th of July was when we won the Civil War,” guessed a white guy in dreadlocks.

“Independence Day is a movie and July 4th is today,” distinguished a probably sarcastic dude wearing some sort of pelt on his head.

“Why do we celebrate 4th of July?” was still another query that proved troubling.

“Christopher Columbus came here, fucked some Indians and then, like, said it was a good day to, like, be alive in America,” explained a bro with a beard and a mop of curly brown hair.


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