Report: Matt Damon likes to mud wrestle midget prostitutes when he’s bored

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Matt Damon: regular, middle-aged father of four — or middle-aged father of four and midget-wrestling fetishist?

It is pretty hard to believe, but there’s a rumor the actor likes to hire midget prostitutes and mud wrestle them when he is bored on movie sets — this according to an unnamed person who claims to have “seen it with my own eyes.”

According to an anonymous post on Defamer by a person who has heard two different stories about Damon’s strange hobby, the actor “likes to hire prostitutes to wrestle when he’s bored on sets. And not only does he like to hire prostitutes, but he goes out of his way to hire little person prostitutes.”

The writer goes on to share an anecdote about how Damon is pretty generous with his mud-wrestling midget prostitutes and even shares his hires with his buddies.

“When he’s out of the country, he gets his assistants to track down and bring in the tiny men and Damon likes to mud wrestle with them in front of all of his friends,” anonymous writes. “After he’s done, he lets other people wrestle too, but he always makes sure he gets firsties.”

See? Damon is still super nice when it comes to sharing his midget prostitutes and it’s not as if he is cheating on his wife; he’s just wrestling with them. So it’s not like everything we all believe about Damon’s personality is wrong.


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