Ann Coulter slams media ‘Mississippi Burning’ narrative after Zimmerman verdict

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Sunday’s broadcast of “Fox & Friends,” conservative columnist Ann Coulter explained how the trial of George Zimmerman — who was found “not guilty” Saturday night for the murder of Trayvon Martin — proved what she had written about in her most recent book, “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama.”

“[I] tweeted out ‘hallelujah,’ because this was a media-led mob, and an innocent man almost went to prison for 30 years because of, well, Al Sharpton stirring up hatred and creating a narrative for which there was never any evidence and after this long trial there is still never any evidence,” Coulter said. “What George Zimmerman said happened — the evidence only supported that. There is certainly no evidence that he stalked someone, that he tracked them down and picked him out either because he was black or because he was wearing a hoodie.”

She noted Zimmerman had a lawsuit against NBC for the editing of a 911 call that made Zimmerman sound as if he were targeting Martin because of race, noting that using race in that way fed into the narrative the media wanted to advance.

“[This] case never should have been brought. It was purely political for the media to continue their narrative of all of America as ‘Mississippi Burning,’” she continued. “They want to keep us divided by race, ginned up by race, and it’s a relief that someone who was innocent did not have to be the sacrificial lamb for this media narrative about America as being run by the Klan.”

Coulter also noted that the narrative went on hiatus for 10 years after the 1994 O.J. Simpson “not guilty” verdict.

“I think it ended right, and this is the thesis of my book, right after the O.J. verdict,” Coulter said. “At that moment, when a mostly black jury — 100-percent Democrat by the way — found a spectacularly guilty black celebrity not-guilty of murder, white America said, ‘That’s it. We are shutting down the white guilt bank.’ And we had peace for a decade. And you’ll notice we didn’t have cases like this for about 10 years after O.J.”

But the narrative returned when Barack Obama sought the presidency.

“Obama brought it all back because the liberal media needs this ‘Mississippi Burning’ in order to promote the black president with his liberal policies, which is what they care about,” Coulter said. “But at least it wasn’t brought fully back, because George Zimmerman was found not guilty.”

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