Gowdy: Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer a ‘demagogic, self-serving, political hack’

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WASHINGTON — South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy slammed Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer as a “demagogic, self-serving, political hack,” at the conclusion of a House immigration hearing Tuesday.

Gowdy’s comments came in reaction to a tweet Pfeiffer dispatched earlier in the day that highlighted an editorial in “La Opinion” and read, “La Opinion nails the cruel hypocrisy of the GOP immigration plan:allow some kids to stay but deport their parents.”


“When I see quotes like I did today from someone named Dan Pfeiffer — who apparently works for the president — I think he’s the same Dan Pfeiffer that once said that laws are irrelevant. And he tweeted out today that our plan is to ‘allow some kids to stay but deport their parents. He summarized this entire debate with that tweet.”

“So I want to complement you and thank you for not being a demagogic, self-serving, political hack,” he said to the assembled witnesses, noting that Pfeiffer also could not be elected to Congress.

“I want to thank you for not being that and understanding these are complex issues where reasonable minds can perhaps differ,” he concluded.

Tuesday’s immigration hearing focused on immigration status proposals for illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children.

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