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Remember all the people who called Andrew Breitbart a liar for revealing Anthony Weiner’s weenie-wagging?

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I’m seeing a lot of “Carlos Danger” jokes this morning, and a lot of calls for Weiner to drop out of the NYC mayoral race. What I’m not seeing from these people is a simple statement: “Breitbart was right, and we were wrong.”

Let’s take a trip down Memory Lane, shall we? This trailer for Hating Breitbart — the movie, not the leftist obsession itself — has a nice collection of dunces sneering at Andrew for telling the truth, in their zeal to protect one of their tribe:

Could somebody isolate that Chris Hayes clip at 1:50? Where’s he’s incredulously scoffing, “Girls… girls that are quite young.” That needs to be put on a loop and blared outside his Park Slope home 24/7.

We also see Jeffrey Toobin there, who I’m not sure is quite the moral authority he believes himself to be.

Then there was Hayes’ fellow traveller and doppelganger Rachel Maddow, who devoted nearly six minutes of her show to various conspiracy theories about why Weiner totally coulda been hacked or pranked or whatever:

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That’s the sort of rigorous investigative journalism that beats out Piers Morgan for a distant second place most nights.

And then, of course, there’s Howard Kurtz. Oh, this one was a classic:

Good call, Howie! To heck with those darn twerps. And he had backup:

Of course, Kurtz never admitted how stunningly wrong he was, but these days everybody knows about that tendency of his. He’s over it now, though. He’s even yukkin’ it up:

Ha ha ha!

Then there’s Salon’s Alex Pareene, who mewled: “Right-wingers really, really, really hoping Anthony Weiner story holds up: Accusing the New York Democrat of impropriety without compelling evidence seems fair, if you totally hate him.” Or, y’know, if you do have compelling evidence and it’s all true. But whatever.

Apparently Salon’s Joan Walsh also said a lot of stupid stuff? But what else is new.

Oh, and the aforementioned warblogging casualty Charles Johnson also had this delightful headline:


Way to show those dumb wingnuts, Chuck! You done good. You done reeeeal good.

Speaking of oleaginous invertebrates, Eric Boehlert of “Media” “Matters” also made a fool of himself:



Who else? Hmmmm… Oh yeah, Cenk Uygur told a bunch of stupid lies about it, but he’s so boring I won’t even bother to look them up.

That’s all I’ve got off the top of my head. If you can think of more idiots who humiliated themselves defending “Carlos Danger,” let me know in the comments and I’ll try to add them. Schadenfreude loves company!

Update: A reading from the works for Anthony Weiner [NSFW]

Update: Chris Hayes is such a Democrat Party hack, it’s almost watchable.