Jury deliberates Whitey Bulger’s fate

Ariel Cohen Contributor
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Jurors in the Whitey Bulger trial are deliberating a decision that could put Boston’s most infamous mobster in prison for more than the rest of his life.

After hearing 72 witnesses over the course of the eight weeks, jurors began their deliberations Tuesday.

Jurors will check a box “Guilty” or “Not Guilty” to determine the verdict. Bulger is on trial for racketeering, extortion and 19 counts of murder.

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During the first day of deliberations, the jury discussed the case for nearly six hours before being dismissed for the day. Deliberations will continue in this manner until the jury comes to a unanimous decision.

Before heading into deliberations, jurors took instructions from US District Court Judge Denise Casper. She advised jurors to be conscious that witnesses may have received benefits from the government, and that they also may have had motives to make up their story.

“You may believe all of the testimony of a witness or some of it or none of it,” Casper said.

Bulger, now 83 years old, was captured in 2011 in Santa Monica, California, where he had been living in hiding with his girlfriend.

If convicted for all counts, Bulger faces a maximum sentence of life in prison, plus 30 years, the exact same sentence his former partner-in-crime, Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi  is currently serving.

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