Arianna Huffington’s daughter reveals that she had a pretty boring coke addiction

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Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington’s 24-year-old daughter Christina is speaking out about her college-age cocaine addiction with a new tell-all essay in Glamour magazine and an accompanying interview Wednesday with her mother on the Today Show.

“By all appearances, Christina Huffington was a child of privilege, showered with attention and love by her wealthy parents and attending an Ivy League college. But behind closed doors, the Yale University student was snorting lines of cocaine alone, ‘six or seven times’ a day,” according to the Today Show website.

Huffington claimed in her Glamour piece that she first used cocaine at age sixteen, then took up the habit again at Yale, where her addiction was fueled in part by her ex-boyfriend’s relationship with one of her friends.

“You can come from a loving family. You can have financial resources and you can still feel that pit of loneliness and emptiness and that desire to fill it with substances, so I just wanted to give a different face to the disease,” Huffington said.

Huffington described her hobby on the show as “un-glamorous.”

It is unclear why Huffington, who merely claimed that she sat in her apartment all day snorting cocaine and whose habit was presumably subsidized by her parents’ money, has earned the right to pen a tell-all about her youthful addiction.

Huffington did not mention in her Glamour piece or in her Today Show interview whether she was ever forced to sell her grandmother’s engagement ring to tattooed gang-bangers in exchange for a quick eight-ball, or whether she stared at herself shamefully in a public bathroom mirror after doing so.

As far as The Daily Caller can tell, Christina Huffington never performed fellatio on truck drivers on the side of a Southern California freeway in order to score a little blow to tide her over, nor did Huffington ever get paid to “party” with rail-pounding stock brokers in the VIP room of any West Hollywood nightclubs. It is unclear whether Huffington ever spent time sleeping on a dirty mattress in a condemned warehouse building at the lowest depths of her habit.

The Daily Caller has been unable to find grainy digital video footage of Huffington engaging in bisexual group sex in a wood-paneled room.

In her interview, Huffington did not mention any instances in which she pulled up to a shady condo on a side street and went in to find various local characters huddled around a card table with straws in their nostrils, experimental techno music playing amid dim strobe lights, her daughter visible through a beaded curtain in a side bedroom performing a slow, hypnotic striptease as an older man watches her, expressionless, brandishing a knife.

Christina Huffington’s “harrowing story” can be read at

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