Distraught family members’ futile fight to save dying boy after Syrian gas attack [VIDEO]

Grae Stafford Freelance Photographer
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In a harrowing video uploaded to a young boy is brought to a makeshift hospital after being caught in an alleged gas attack launched by SAA (Syrian Arab Army) forces.

The child, who appears to be around five years of age, is unresponsive to frantic CPR attempts. Attendants scramble to wash gas residue off the boy.

The attack in the suburb of Ghouta outside Damascus reportedly began at 2 a.m. Syrian local time when rockets equipped with gas warheads were reportedly fired into the city.

Calls for United Nations inspectors to be allowed into the area to verify the incident have been made by the UK Foreign Secretary William Hague “I call on the Syrian government to allow immediate access to the area for the UN team currently investigating previous allegations of chemical weapons use. The UK will be raising this incident at the UN Security Council.”


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