Jon Stewart: Obama’s red line ‘is actually a d**k-measuring ribbon’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Jon Stewart mocked President Obama’s “red line” policy towards Syria on Tuesday, and said that a refusal to intervene in that country would be a sign of “maturity.”

“You got to see the red line,” the “Daily Show” host said after returning to the show from a 12-week absence. “You can’t use chemicals to use your own people. You have to do it organically. America and the world want to make sure Assad only uses locally-sourced free long-ranged lead ordinance. Now, back in the early ’80s, we knew Iraq had used chemical weapons against Iran, were likely to use them again. Not only did we not attack them we supported Iraq, we supported Iraq in doing that and of course, we still get to use bunker-busters, cluster bombs and the Mark-77, which is not, not filled with napalm, technically. So given the fact that we have no idea who would have control over these chemical weapons in a failed Syria, remind us again why we have to do this?”



Stewart then played a few clips in which pundits argued the United States would look weak if it did not attack Syria.

“We have to bomb Syria because we are in seventh grade,” Stewart said. “And the red line — the red line that they crossed is actually a dick-measuring ribbon. Why does holding back look like weakness? Isn’t it maturity? It’s like when a guy is picking on Clark Kent and he doesn’t do anything, even though he knows he could throw that guy into the sun. I’ll tell you what would be real weakness — Clark Kent laying waste to a town because someone called him a pussy.”

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