Locals say cop went crazy, threatened family with gun, roughed up man

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Residents of Washington Township in Toledo, Ohio are furious at the cop who pulled a woman over for a routine license plate violation, forced her and her family to lay in the street, threatened them with his gun and roughed up her father-in-law.

The incident occurred on Sunday, when Cassandra Meyers was stopped near her home by a police officer identified only as Officer Hart. Her father-in-law, Aaron Tatkowski, witnessed Hart questioning Meyers, and approached. Tatkowski didn’t like the way Hart was talking to his daughter-in-law, according to Toledo News Now.

What happened next was partly recorded by neighbors (video NSFW due to language). Hart ordered Tatkowski, his girlfriend, Meyers and her 14-year-old son to lay face down in the street. The family and the cop started yelling at each other, and Hart drew his gun and taser. He aimed at Tatkowski’s head as he scolded them for not following police instructions. He eventually arrested Tatkowski and put him in his car. He had suffered cuts and bruises and was eventually taken to the hospital.

The neighbor who recorded the video said the officer’s behavior was unwarranted.

“It was totally uncalled for, the way [the officer] was using force on people,” said Jim Stechschulte in a statement to Toledo News Now. “I’m sorry to say that, but that’s the way it is and if they don’t like it, so be it.”

A spokesperson for the police department said Hart acted appropriately, given that the family members were not obeying instructions.

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