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Are you ready for… The Anthony Weiner Show?

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He sure is!

Jill Colvin, NY Observer:

Anthony Weiner, whose mayoral bid imploded following revelations that he’d continued sexting long after his resignation from Congress, was already plotting a Plan B more than six months before he lost his bid for Gracie Mansion, sources said.

Mr. Weiner began reaching out to agents who represent talent for television and radio as early as February of 2013 — months before he began to seriously test the waters on a return to public life with an April New York Times Magazine story, according to individuals familiar with the conversations…

Reached for a response, Mr. Weiner would not confirm or deny the meetings.

“I’m not helping you with this story,” he said via text message.

So that’s a yes.

Makes sense. The main reason Weiner went into politics in the first place was to get on TV and attract groupies, and he’s not gonna do that moping around at home. Once Huma dumps him and joins the Hillary ’16 campaign, he’ll be free to send dong-pics to anybody he wants. Well, not that his marriage has stopped him, obviously, but at least now he’ll only be humiliating himself.

Now there’s just one question left: