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We could lose the Panda Cam in a gov’t shutdown

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The PANDA CAM, people.

The Republicans are big mean terrorists, and Obama is awesome. With these self-evident truths in mind, NBC Washington gives us a harrowing glimpse at the looming apocalypse those evil, hostage-taking tea-hadists are threatening: “10 Ways a Government Shutdown Might Affect You – Even If You’re Not a Federal Worker.”

Here’s #4:

All Smithsonian Museums and the Smithsonian’s National Zoo would close to the public, and about 90 percent of the Smithsonian’s 6,400 employees would be furloughed, said spokesperson Linda St. Thomas.

Museum doors would remain closed on Tuesday morning, ruining vacation plans for thousands of tourists expecting to see the National Air and Space Museum or view art at one of the museum’s galleries.

In addition, the zoo’s wildly popular Panda Cam, which stars the zoo’s five-week-old cub and her mother, would go offline, as would all other animal cams. The cams require government resources which are not deemed essential, a zoo spokesperson confirmed to NBC Washington Monday morning.

Essential personnel will still take care of the animals, of course.

“Take care of”? As in… [mimes a pistol being fired] No? Oh well.

Just look at what could be taken from us, America:


It sat up! And we were there to witness it. Why do the Rethuglicans want to keep us from pursuing our happiness? Why do they hate America?