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Protesting WWII vets while fraudulently claiming to be a federal worker is good work if you can get it

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If leftist ideas are so good, if their cause is so righteous, why do they need to lie all the time?

Apparently our friends on the left haven’t been sufficiently embarrassed by Obama’s handling of the shutdown. Notice how he’s seizing national parks and monuments to coerce people into giving him what he wants, and yet somehow the Republicans are the “hostage-takers”? It’s amusing, really.

Here’s the latest on that. Patrick Poole at PJ Media reports from the National WWII Memorial:

…Two Honor Flights from Missouri and Chicago arrived in prearranged visits. These Honor Flights were met by hundreds of ordinary citizens and about a dozen members of Congress, who once again crashed the barricades to let the veterans into the WW2 Memorial.

After about an hour, about 20 protesters arrived on the scene chanting “Boehner, get us back to work” and claiming they were federal employees furloughed because of the shutdown.

In the video below these protesters were marching towards the press gaggle and I was asking them to show their federal IDs to prove they were in fact federal workers. No one wore their federal ID and none would provide it to prove their claim.

The Greatest Generation meets the Great Degeneration.

Poole had an update after being harangued by his moral, ethical, and intellectual betters at HuffPo:

Huffington Post reporter Arthur Delaney states that the protest was organized by a group called “Good Jobs Nation,” not SEIU as I previously reported, and that, remarkably, the protesters weren’t even federal employees at all but individuals who WORK in federal buildings affected by the shutdown.

Delaney and his HuffPo colleague Ryan J. Reilly have attacked me on Twitter, speculating on what the McDonald’s employee, Luis Chiliquinga, really thought, and chastising me for my editorial standards in reporting on what I recorded. The video speaks for itself.

But who are you going to believe, Arianna’s Angels or your own lyin’ eyes?