TheDC on TV: Rush Limbaugh uses Bedford’s column to bolster case for Cruz, Lee, Paul

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On Monday’s episode of “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” the conservative radio pundit weighed in on Daily Caller editor Christopher Bedford’s column on Sens. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul running the GOP — and shutting down the president’s agenda — saying, “Amen.”

“Contrary to what people think, Obama is really not having the cakewalk that everybody thought he was going to have,” Limbaugh agreed. “There are giant obstacles in his way, and there ought to be rallies of massive support for the people accomplishing this. People in their own party ought to be, but they’re not.” (BEDFORD: How Cruz, Lee and Paul shut down Obama’s agenda)

“You ought to see the faces on the other side of the glass looking at me,” Limbaugh commented as he read The Daily Caller column. “They can’t believe it. It’s not their perception, and probably not yours. You think the Republicans are getting their clocks cleaned because you are judging the Republicans to be led by [Speaker of the House John] Boehner and [Senate Minority Leader Mitch] McConnell, and on that basis you think they’re getting their clocks cleaned. And maybe they are, but Cruz and Mike Lee aren’t.”

“It’s Cruz and Mike Lee, and the people that have decided to throw in with them, who are running things now,” Limbaugh continued. “That’s why everybody’s so ticked off, folks! We were supposed to have amnesty by now. I’m sure you know that. It was supposed to be done. There wasn’t going to be any Republican opposition to it. There was going to be massive new ground gained by the Democrats on gun control.”