Catholic League outraged that imam costumes don’t come with erections

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The Catholic League is upset over a Halloween costume featuring a sexually aroused priest and issued a statement asking why the store Spirit Halloween doesn’t sell similar costumes for imams and rabbis.

Spirit Halloween sells the costume, known as “Happy Priest,” alongside a “Thank You Father” costume that shows a pregnant nun.

The League’s Bill Donohue called both the costumes “offensive.”

“Anyone who wants to buy a costume with a rabbi or imam sporting an erection is out of luck — there are none available,” Donohue said in a statement. “There are also no vulgar Jewish or Muslim women costumes available. Just ones for nuns.”

“The most prominent store selling the offensive priest and nun costumes is Spirit Halloween; they have stores throughout the nation and have a big online following. The store even says of the priest-with-an-erection garb, ‘Pair this mens [sic] costume with the Pregnant Nun for some really twisted fun.'”

Spirit Halloween is currently sold out of the Happy Priest costume.