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German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Obama: Dude, stop bugging me

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When it comes to being monitored by the government, Germans know a thing or two. Stasi, anyone?

And Obama’s #WarOnWomen continues. The Guardian:

The furore over the scale of American mass surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden shifted to an incendiary new level on Wednesday evening when Angela Merkel of Germany called Barack Obama to demand explanations over reports that the US National Security Agency was monitoring her mobile phone…

The German news weekly, Der Spiegel, reported an investigation by German intelligence, prompted by research from the magazine, that produced plausible information that Merkel’s mobile was targeted by the US eavesdropping agency…

The White House responded that Merkel’s mobile is not being tapped. “The president assured the chancellor that the United States is not monitoring and will not monitor the communications of the chancellor,” said a statement from Jay Carney, the White House spokesman.

But Berlin promptly signalled that the rebuttal referred to the present and the future and did not deny that Merkel’s communications had been monitored in the past.

So, the German government is smarter and less intimidated by the Obama administration than 95% of the American press.

That’s King Barry’s way: Embrace America’s enemies and alienate our allies. Obama uber alles!

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Jim Treacher