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Why is a foreigner rooting for American exceptionalism? [VIDEO]

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Can you make the case for America’s exceptionalism?

One passionate, eloquent Australian reminds Americans why we are the world’s beacon for liberty, prosperity and hope — that “a weak America means a dangerous world,” and “no less than the entire world is at stake.”

Nick Adams, 29, author of “The American Boomerang,” is our modern day Alex de Tocqueville, a foreigner who shows us why we are exceptional before we fundamentally transform ourselves with policies akin to other worldviews.

Adams tours the country, speaking with tea party and civic groups encouraging them to wake up before it is too late.

“There is a cabal of politically correct forces that seek to weaken America, because if they weaken America then their agendas and their objectives are more easily met,” Adams told The Daily Caller in an exclusive interview. “And this is the reason why they have waged this war on America, both domestically and internationally, in the court of public opinion. The saddest part is, Ginni, that they run our media, our institutions and our schools, and they chose their sides a long time ago and they only want to play unopposed. They are self-appointed shepherds that see us as their sheep. They are cultural dieticians that have created a moral monopoly, the absolute antithesis of the free marketplace of ideas. These are forces that must be stopped. These are forces that must be vanquished, because they promote and indoctrinate to the detriment of America, and therefore the world. Their doctrines of relativism and moral equivalence stunt decision-making, compromise opinion-making. They wantonly abandon the principles of Jefferson and Lincoln. They force America to float aimlessly without a rope of purpose or an anchor of conviction. They make America weak. And, for all of those reasons, those forces must be met with complete and total united opposition with any person who has an ounce of patriotic fiber in their body.”

“America’s not just a stretch of land, Ginni,” he continued. “It’s more than that, infinitely more than that. It’s the shot that was heard around the world, and still is. It’s the experiment that was launched and still breathes. It’s the improbable and daring idea that remains just as improbable and daring today. It’s the country that has said through its actions that it’s better to live just one day as a lion, than a thousand as a lamb.”

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Nick Adams is on fire for liberty, prosperity and a strong America and wants more Americans to be committed to understanding what differentiates America from the rest of the world. In a previous segment, Adams discussed what has happened to American men.

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