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Deeply stupid man sets wife on fire at GA gas pump

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What’s a worse idea than playing with a cigarette lighter while pumping gas? Marrying a guy who thinks it’s a good idea to play with a cigarette lighter while pumping gas.

Nina Golgowski, NYDN:

Austin Dawkins, 37, is now facing criminal charges after surveillance video taken at a Clarkesville [GA] gas station on Oct. 16 appears to show him dangerously placing a lighter between his truck’s gas tank and his wife…

As seen on video, his apparent attempt to withdraw the nozzle instead amplifies the flames in the direction of his 30-year-old wife, Jessica Dawkins.

She suffered “second- and third-degree burns to her legs, arms, back and head.” And he’s been charged with… reckless conduct? Wait, what? She’s lucky to be alive, thanks to his stupidity.

What the hell was he doing, anyway? “Hey, darlin’, watch this! Ya know how them dumb science fellers say gas-o-leen is flammammabbable and suchlike? Check this $#!+ out!”

Hope she’s okay. She must be wishing she had run from the altar.