Vince Vaughn calls himself ‘conservative,’ identifies with Ron Paul [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Adam Carolla’s Friday podcast, Vince Vaughn, star in the newly released film “Delivery Man” called himself a conservative and said he identifies with former Republican Texas Rep. Ron Paul.

Carolla asked the 43-year-old actor if he identified himself as a conservative. Vaughn acknowledged he does and explained why.

“I think that what you come, as you get older, you just get less trust in the government running anything,” Vaughn said. “And that you start to realize when you really go back and look at the Constitution and the principles of liberty, the real purpose of government is to protect the individual’s right to sort of think and pursue what they have interest in. And that when you start drawing the lines, saying, as a society, we think this is inappropriate, we’re going to pass laws to protect them from themselves and or take things away to protect themselves or move money from here to there, that you realize that you wake up with corruption and without the unintended consequences you’ll wake up with a lot of problems that didn’t exist prior.”

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