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Morning Mirror

Day 2 of the adventure begins. Looks like I may pull this off for morning after all. A big thank you to Clark Hennessy for the phenomenal Ezzy graphic below.



Female journo gives up Lululemon clothing forever 

NYT‘s Nick Confessore: “Lululemon founder has odd ideas about breast cancer.” He links to this story about Lulu’s founder who sort of eloquently says the clothing is really not for fat ladies.

Marketplace’s fill-in host Lizzie O’Leary:  “I think between this and the fat-shaming, I have no need to purchase their stuff ever again.”

Podwhore dwells on an “angry” Julia Roberts 

Commentary‘s John Podhoretz, who is David Gregory-level hairy — we’re talking “Gorillas in the Mist” — apparently has nothing but time on his hands. Last night he pondered a subject matter we all ought to think about more deeply. “Random thought: Why are Julia Roberts’s characters so angry all the time?” Hey Podwhore, who cares? Okay, apparently, you do, so let’s continue. Politico‘s Maggie Haberman jumped into the conversation, wanting evidence. He cited “Mystic Pizza” and then said, “All of them. She always has an angry scene. Or three. Or four.” Haberman, not one to mess around, asked, “Yes but which angry character are you watching now?” He replied, “None. Just saw a tweet about her appearing in Marie Claire.” Oh God, seriously Podwhore? You put us through all that because you saw a tweet about her appearing in a women’s magazine? What the hell is wrong with you?

HuffPost‘s Howard Fineman steers clear of pot in Venice Beach 

“Dropped by #VeniceBeach. Lots of guys in neon-green hospital orderly scrubs, inviting you to apply for a meedical marijuana card. I didn’t.” — Howard Fineman, who works for HuffPost and MSNBC.

Male journos get girly, talk outfits, brag about TV hit

“Heading to al-Jazeera America for a bracing discussion on public diplomacy for The Stream. About to execute the rare blazer-sweater TV combo.” – The Guardian’s Spencer Ackerman to MSNBC’s ultra-feminine and jumpy Chris Hayes. Hayes, never one to shy away from conversing with a Boy Bander, remarked, “High degree of difficulty as I’ve learned the hard way.” Ackerman replied, “Goal is to sartorially reassure viewers of my wisdom.” Yes, Ack, please reassure us of your brilliance.

WaPo’s Weingarten needs an intervention?

Yesterday WaPo “humor” columnist Gene Weingarten was praising the word “vagina.” Today he’s doing – well, I don’t know what he’s doing: “If I live long enough there will come a time when the hottest thing I can think of is a naked young woman keeping me warm and no sex.”