Justin Bieber throws wild party with strippers, weed at LA home over weekend

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Hey, what’s up? What did you do this weekend? Maybe watch a little college football on Saturday night? Did you head to Home Depot and intend to go to Bed, Bath & Beyond but didn’t have enough time?

Regardless of how you actually occupied your weekend, it was probably the polar opposite of a 19-year-old millionaire’s. (RELATED: Justin Bieber visited Brazil brothel)

Justin Bieber reportedly threw a wild “Great Gatsby” themed party where he shelled out $10,000 in tips for 20 strippers, provided plenty of weed and had three open bars at his Los Angeles mansion, according to TMZ. In the gossip site’s poetic prose, the party was “FILLED with naked chicks … as far as the eye could see … this according to sources inside the party.”

Professional wife-beater Floyd Mayweather, semi-pro woman-beater Chris Brown, Snoop Lion, T.I. and Trey Songz were all reportedly in attendance at the 19-year-old’s Los Angeles home.

The party got so out of hand that police went to Bieber’s home three times, with one neighbor filing a complaint against the Biebs for disturbing the peace.

This was actually a relatively tame weekend for Bieber, since he spent the past two weeks going through South American hookers like Halloween candy. (RELATED VIDEO: This is a video of Justin Bieber asleep after an encounter with a Brazilian hooker)

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