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Mario Batali is really excited about dead babies in Texas

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The girthful gourmet is throwing his chef’s hat into a new ring: the abortion ring.

Four exclamation marks just weren’t enough to express his enthusiasm for abortion. That’s a fiver.

He’s referring to a fundraiser in NYC last night for the latest lefty cause célèbre, aborting Texan babies. Via the delightfully named ladypartsjustice.com:


Wow, Sarah Silverman and Lizz Winstead? Who else knows more about women in Texas than those two?

It sounds like the event was a huge trainwreck by any sane standard, which means it was a yet another liberal success. At one point, this happened:

That’s right, she wiped a napkin on her vagina and put it up for auction.* Your loss, Kimmel!

So Batali was really pumped about that. Then he remembered that kitchens tend to be hot:

Of course, he’s being praised by the same people who think #vagnapkin is the height of wit:

Yep, it’s always “trolling” when you don’t like it.

So, that’s who Mario Batali is. He has every right to say it, and you have every right to respond accordingly. If you want to give him your money, go right ahead.

You’d think a restaurant tycoon would want more people around to try his wares, but…

*She put the napkin up for auction, that is. Not her vagina. I think?

Update: If abortion is so great, so popular, why doesn’t Coathanger Barbie like using the word?