Dennis Miller: Israel like the victim in the ‘knockout’ game in US-Iran nuke deal

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On Wednesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” comedian Dennis Miller used his weekly spot to criticize the deal to halt Iran’s nuclear program, saying it reminds him of the violent “knockout game” that’s allegedly become popular among urban youth.

“Well, I saw Charles Krauthammer, who is the smartest guy, says that [the agreement] reminds him of Munich,” Miller said. “And I don’t think kids, quite frankly, know what that means. So let me try to update the reference a little. This is sort of like the Lou Brock for Ernie Broglio trade in the early 1960’s. Maybe that doesn’t even make it for kids. This is sort of like when…the drummer for Metallica sued Napster. That’s how bad it is. I never thought I would be able to have a set of circumstances that would allow me to say this out loud in public, Bill. But things are so screwed here on the home front — Iran getting a nuke is the least of my problems.”

According to Miller, the deal the United States and allies struck with Iran is like the “knockout” game, with Israel being the victim.

“Well, let me take it back to the last topic real quickly, and say is Israel expected to ante up and prove they are civilized by taking — figuratively speaking –one sucker punch to get the game going from mad men in Iran?” Miller said. “I don’t think they are. I think this is one less phone call for Bibi Netanyahu to make when it’s go time. And I don’t think people over here owe it to be sucker punched by somebody, fall down, and potentially end their life to prove they are more civilized than the people that are sucker punching them. That’s absolutely crazy.”

“Now, I know liberals fancy the future as a ‘Walden Two’-type utopia,” he continued. “But I always thought this. When you don’t have any rules and nobody is paying any attention to any rules, it doesn’t yield ‘Walden Two.’ It yields Anthony Burgess’ ‘Clockwork Orange.’ Except nowadays the drugs are so whiny they won’t go to a milk bar because they are lactose intolerant. But this is pre-apocalyptic here. And I’m just hoping that somebody who is doing the punching gets hurt before somebody who is getting punched gets hurt. And if that makes me a bad guy, a reactionary, so be it.”

As for the actual knockout game itself, O’Reilly suggested it had been justified in some quarters since the ancestors of whites were slaveholders. Miller insisted that the attackers were cowards.

O’REILLY: You know, to be serious for a moment. The worst thing about this is, this random violence committed overwhelmingly by young black males is that it is your fault, Miller, and my fault. Because our ancestors may have held slaves, and we are the oppressive white power structure is responsible for all of this stuff. That still a big tenet of the liberal philosophy in this country. It makes me sick.
MILLER: All I’m saying is, if you are one of the kids going up to a 70-year-old woman and punching her in the side of the face, don’t you dare put it on me, you coward.
O’REILLY: That’s right. Coward is exactly the right word.

Miller also weighed in on President Barack Obama’s fundraising, and suggested the president take some time away from that activity.

O’REILLY: Finally, the president in L.A. this week raising money for a bunch of different stuff. Were you invited to any of the soirees, Miller?
MILLER: I missed my invite. I’m sure it came. This guy does more fundraisers —
O’REILLY: There is your pal Steve Martin.
MILLER: He does more fundraisers than a PBS CFO with a hidden cocaine problem for God’s sakes. Take a day off. Maybe if you are going to do some of these fundraisers, don’t do them for Democrats. Do it to pay down the national debt. If this guy did half these fundraisers to pay down the debt, Billy, we would be in the black right now.
MILLER: No, no, it’s not racist. I’m saying it’s a business term — means operating at a profit.
MILLER: All right. I can’t even make my point, Bill. I’m sorry. Things are uptight.
O’REILLY: Do these guys just follow you around Santa Barbara? They guys that are yelling at you? They go everywhere with you now?
MILLER: Well, it’s the PC police and they work tight, Billy. They are right off your wing the whole day.

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