Watch this heroic airport security guard dive to catch a falling baby

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In the United States, you usually feel good to make it through airport security with all your stuff intact and without getting arrested or vigorously patted down by a beefy, bitter government rent-a cop Transportation Security Administration employee.

In Poland, things are apparently different, in a good way.

In the clip, captured by a video camera, a security guard at Katowice Airport catches a baby not a millisecond before what would have been a painful, potentially dangerous landing on a hard tile floor.

The heroic guard is Grzegorz Paczko, according to the website ninemsn. He said he was standing about 15 feet from the baby — and a dad who wasn’t paying much attention — when the baby began to teeter precipitously.

The incident happened on Nov. 23 but the video was released only very recently.


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