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#NotAllMuslims found guilty of cutting off British soldier’s head in the streets of London

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Remember these guys?


Well, now those racists over in the UK are punishing these guys for practicing their religious beliefs. Channel 4 News:

A jury at Woolwich Crown Court takes just over an hour to find Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale guilty of murdering soldier Lee Rigby…

Muslim converts Michael Adebolajo, 29, and Michael Adebowale, 22, ran Fusilier Rigby over with a car and then hacked him to death with a meat cleaver and knives near Woolwich barracks in south east London on 22 May…

Adebolajo’s defence was that he was waging a war for Allah in response to western wars in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. This was dismissed by Judge Nigel Sweeney, who said it was not a defence to a murder charge.

Giving evidence in court, Adebolajo said he “loved” al-Qaeda.

I have no doubt that the feeling is mutual.

#NotAllMuslims are reacting to the verdict exactly the way you’d expect. Alex Crawford, Sky News:

An influential Muslim leader in Kenya has told Sky News that Britain is “at war” with Islam and the attack against soldier Lee Rigby was justified.

Makaburi, whose real name is Abubaker Shariff Ahmed, also warned there will certainly be more attacks against British soldiers in the future.

“This is a war,” he told me. “British people need to wake up to that…”

He launched into a tough defence of Michael Adebolajo, saying: “Michael was a Muslim soldier and he was fighting a Christian soldier.”

Yes, it was quite a fight. He hit the man with a car, cut off his head in the middle of the street, and then calmly explained his actions to anyone who’d listen until the cops finally showed up. Somewhere, 72 virgins primp and preen in anticipation of his arrival.

Exit question from Dominic Casciani at BBC News: “How did Michael Adebolajo become a killer?” There’s absolutely no way of ever knowing the answer, so shut up, bigot.