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“Sad that @betsyscribeindc from Daily Caller is making excuses for Child Porn distributors. She probably would have liked Ted Bundy too.” — Some Tucson-based troll named Allison Brinsley. Brinsley got her brain in a wad over the weekend, after CNBC and NYT‘s John Harwood expressed heartache over the suicide death of Sen. Lamar Alexander‘s (R-Tenn.) ex-Chief of Staff Ryan Loskarn. The aide was arrested on charges of child porn possession and distribution in November. He was found dead in Unknownparents’ basement Thursday at noon. Brinsley balked at Harwood’s expression of sympathy for a suicide victim, saying, “@JohnJHarwood By committing suicide, he basically confirmed his guilt. Feel bad for the children he victimized, not for the predator.” The Mirror took issue with Brinsley’s asinine assessment: “It’s not at all clear he ‘victimized’ anyone. Stick to the facts. In short, shut up.” Naturally Brinsley took this to mean that I support the distribution of child porn. Actually, no, I just support sticking to facts we know to be true and not acting like a complete asshole as a community grieves over the tragic death of someone who had much pain and hardship in his 35-year-old life, enough to want to end it all. Ultimately, I told Brinsley, “At this point, I would take Ted Bundy’s world view over your ignorance.” Brinsley, according to online searches, appears to be the wife of Frank Brinsley, a self-proclaimed shock jock who was born in Washington, D.C. The couple reportedly lives in Marana, Ariz.



Getting bitchy about cats, media and Justin Bieber 

This morning we have TIME pop culture and media columnist James Poniewozik, who engaged in what appears to be minor bitchiness on Twitter, along with TIME’s Jay Newton-Small and BuzzFeed’s Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton. Poniewozik appeared on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” over the weekend to discuss the recent Justin Bieber media coverage over his arrest. Poniewozik criticized the Bieber coverage and joked on Twitter, “Thx @dorseyshaw & @brianstelter for @CNNReliable talk. Glad Miley Cyrus didn’t get a speeding ticket & bump us off the air!” 

STANTON: “It’s cute watching @poniewozik lecture people about journalism, given Time’s history of not putting breast feeding moms on the cover.”

PONIEWOZIK: “28 Cats Riding High Horses”

STANTON: “@poniewozik actually it’s more like 23 cats throwing stones in glass houses.”

NEWTON-SMALL: “@dcbigjohn Does that mean I can’t lecture u? Cause, u know, sometimes u need a little spanking.”

PONIEWOZIK: “@dcbigjohn tell you want [sic] from now on we agree no journalist ever criticizes another until one of outlets becomes perfect.”

STANTON: “@poniewozik or how about we end this tiresome debate over what is “serious.” It’s insulting to people who work hard on these stories”

PONIEWOZIK: “Re Biebs coverage.”


Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!” — Mother Jones Asawin Suebsaeng.

All that cold to donate plasma – only to have Red Cross kick you to the curb 

“Nothing like a little Sunday morning platelet/plasma donation at the Red Cross to relax you.” — Logan Dobson, a research analyst with The Tarrance Group, a Republican polling firm. “Donation nurse takes my pulse & blood pressure, asks me if I work out. Flattery will get you everywhere, Red Cross.” Dobson soon explained, “Red Cross’ plasma machine unavailable for reason I didn’t grasp. Donation rescheduled. Thus ends updates on my precious bodily fluids.”

kissSucking up (a little) — pssst….just in case they want to have him back on

“Thanks to @ThisWeekABC and the talented @jonkarl for a fun roundtable. (And for plugging my @YahooNewscolumn.) Bagels weren’t bad either.” — Matt Bai, former NYT mag writer who is moving to Yahoo! News.

Writer makes decent point on a Saturday 

“When it’s Saturday morning and you don’t have anything better to do than troll me, you really should take stock of your life.” — RedState‘s Ben Howe.

Politico reporter has revenge idea for dealing with loud ass of a neighbor

“Best revenge on your neighbors who thew a loud party the night before: Blast your own music 10 AM while they’re shaking off their hangover.” — Politico‘s Byron Tau.


Matt Yglesias searches in vain for serrano peppers

“Grocery store was out of serrano peppers so I had to buy a jalapeño instead. Was basically the same as kristallnacht.” — Slate‘s soon to be Ezra Klein‘s employee Matt Yglesias.