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Intern ordered into grim territory

“Sent out intern to help staff stake out Rep. Grimm, not thinking of potential fear factor. Assignment accepted w/o the bat of an eye.” – The Hill‘s Bob Cusack.


Hey Brad Dayspring, don’t call me Shirley! 

“Surely a reporter will point out how disingenuous it is for Obama to cheerlead the unemployment rate lowering because of workforce dropouts.” — NRSC spokesman Brad Dayspring.

Surely she’s joking? 

“This snow storm is the worst thing that’s happened in the South since they had to give up their slaves.” — Sydney Elaine Leathers, ex-phone sex partner to ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-Johnsontown).



More Grimm fallout 

“Michael Grimm’ing is my new favorite verb.” — Ashley Codianni, digital journalist for NowThisNews.

“I’ll break you in thirds” sounds so much more menacing.” — Michael Roston, staff editor, social media, NYT

Attention Publicists! 

“Word to PR people pitching me: Think of yourselves as contestants going on a game show. You have about 20 seconds to wow me before CLICK!” — Los Angeles Times media reporter Joe Flint.

1387510288000-XXX-FFE1C83C-A043-7DC1-ADBD84F14251C6C9Letting it all hang out, biracially 

“My wife is Hawaiian and Chinese, so @msnbc can take their racist assumptions and shove it up their ass.” — Matt Dawson, in response to the MSNBC tweet that right wingers won’t like the biracial family Super Bowl ad.

Rep. Paul Ryan appears to be a little hypocritical 

“PRETTY FUNNY – @RepPaulRyan lectured me on autographs, but asked @williebosshog for his signature last night#UGH #DMV” — Mark Wilkins, a.k.a. Marky Mark, among D.C.’s paparazzi.

Q to ask ourselves: Rush hour body bumping 

“Why are there people who don’t mind body contact with strangers? Even repeated, accidental shoulder bumps are weird, right? #RushHour.” — TheBlaze‘s Eddie Scarry.