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Ezra Klein suck-up watch

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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New York magazine’s glowing Sunday profile of ex-Washington Post reporter Ezra Klein–complete with photos of him in jeans and a t-shirt like he’s a Gap model–has the following deceitful paragraph.

“And not long after arriving in D.C., Klein found a way to put himself at the center of a heady conversation. He started a listserv called JournoList where left-of-center journalists, scholars, and policy folks could talk . . . When Journolist came under attack by conservatives, Klein’s friend Dave Weigel, a contributor, was forced out of the Post; Klen himself was quick with damage control, shutting the listserve down.”

First of all, there is no mention here that part of the “heady conversation” of JournoList included death wishes for Matt Drudge and Rush Limbaugh. Just saying it “came under attack by conservatives” makes it sound like some kind of partisan witch hunt.

And, if memory serves, the “heady conversation” also included conspiring to keep Jeremiah Wright out of the news.

The story also conveniently leaves out any significant explanation of Klein’s lefty leanings.

Read the whole Klein piece here, complete with quirky details such as Klein’s former early high school existence as a fat and unpopular guy who smoked weed to one who used to charting out the amount of meat he and his wife, NYT‘s Annie Lowrey, ate with a point system along with a pronouncement that he’s a fresh fig aficionado. There is however, a no meat-consumption quota when he’s on the road. Which means all the In-N-Out Burger he wants.