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The biometric gun box ensures nobody can get your weapon but you [VIDEO]

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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The Gun Box is quit possibly the safest way to store your gun while also being the fastest way to get it when the need arises.

At $279, the Gun Box is pretty moderately priced for what you get — a 4-millimeter thick aircraft-strength aluminum alloy casing that opens the lid on hydraulics after scanning a fingerprint, or radio frequency identification bracelet or ring.

Far more intuitive than a trigger lock or traditional safe, The Gun Box seems like the ideal home solution to protect your family from your weapon, while ensuring you can protect them with it quickly.

The box is sized to sit on a nightstand-style table next to a bed, and includes two USB slots to charge your other devices. It’s also GPS enabled, and will notify you on your smartphone if it’s ever touched or moved.

Just swipe and squeeze.


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