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How to uncork crazy on your Twitter feed 

“No shocker, I suppose, but when the Westboro Baptist nuts tweet at you it really uncorks the batshit crazy in your @ feed.” — Joshua Green, Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek and Boston Globe columnist.


The Media Critic 

“LOL. @mitchellreports reports just described the ‘inflammatory excerpts’ from Blair archive as coming from an “anti-Clinton website.” — NationalReview‘s Jonah Goldberg.

A private message for Ana Marie Cox – on Twitter

“Confidential to my dear @anamariecox — thank you + !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! + love.” — Tracy Sefl, a strategic communications specialist with an expertise in elite media.



“Checking my DMs merely to see how many of my friend’s accounts were hacked in the last hour.” —Rory Cooper, Communications Director for House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.).

French journo remarks on French Prez’ female problem 

“(Sarkozy came to Washington about a month after a divorce. So the whole “OMG he’s coming stag” thing is a bit overblown)” — Yahoo! News’ Olivier Knox on French President Francois Hollande. 


“I’m kinda astonished by the 180 my life has done since May. Wooooo.” — Jared Keller, Al Jazeera America.

bikiniBikini shopping woes

“Picking out a bikini is fraught enough without worrying about having to wear it in front of your boyfriend’s entire extended family.” — Jezebels Erin Ryan.

Reporter encounters annoying hipster at the gym

“I am being stalked by a hipster at my gym. This is not a drill.” — Washington Examiner‘s Kelly Cohen.

Journo apologizes to coworkers for not wearing mascara 

“Got home, looked in mirror and thought ‘I look ill.’ Realized I forgot to put on mascara. Sorry office workers for looking like death 2day.” — Meredith Dake, multimedia editor, Roll Call.

Luke Russert may not have friends after this…

“Want to be a Hill reporter? Just look important and stare at your phone.” — A Vine by NBC congressional correspondent Luke Russert.