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Trump’s aide: BuzzFeed reporter no longer invited to Shabbos dinner at my mom’s house

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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BuzzFeed‘s McKay Coppins has been disinvited to Shabbos dinner at Donald Trump‘s ex-aide Sam Nunberg‘s mother’s house as the result of the “piece of shit” profile he wrote on the billionaire real estate mogul. Nunberg resigned or was fired from Trump’s camp late last week after the BuzzFeed profile was published.

“Forget the fact that McKay Coppins is no longer invited to my mother’s Shabbos dinner, he is completely cut off from the rest of the political community as the result of his hatchet job,” Nunberg said in a phone interview Tuesday.

This afternoon, a pissing match of the weirdest kind has broken out online among BuzzFeed, The Daily Caller, Politico and the Trump camp. The Daily Caller obtained the email pitch that Coppins sent to Trump’s camp to gain access to Trump. Later, Politico ran the contents of emails from Nunberg to Coppins saying how much he enjoyed the story.

“One, I had not even read the piece when I wrote that,” Nunberg told The Mirror. “It was late at night and I was working on three other matters. I didn’t realize it was a hatchet job. I didn’t even look at it. McKay had called me the day before to tell me how nice it was that I had introduced him to my mother at the event. In retrospect, my mother and I were both fooled by him. I was so relieved that I finally got the final project after four weeks that turned out to be this B.S. opus. How was I supposed to know that he would publish the shit piece? The fact that he called me the day before and told me the piece was coming out and how much he liked my mother continued the con that he was pulling on me.”

When asked about Politico’s Dylan Byers‘ post this afternoon, which included emails from Nunberg to Coppins, Nunberg replied, “Who is Dylan Byers, and why do I care?”

Nunberg repeatedly referred to Coppins’ profile of  his ex-boss as a “piece of shit.” In regards to his mother, he added, “Not only does McKay want to keep publicizing the fact that he is an unprofessional con artist hatchet job jack, he has now brought my mother into it. What does that say about McKay?”

Just to reiterate his feelings, Nunberg said, “I did not read that piece of shit. It was more than a pain in the ass dealing with him because it took him so long to write this, four weeks to publish this piece of shit.”

Nunberg firmly believes the story will ultimately hurt Coppins, not Trump. “In the end, there is a 100 percent chance that McKay Coppins has hurt his credibility with this piece of shit hit piece against Mr. Trump, but the light at the end of the tunnel is that there is a 105 percent chance that anyone who goes on BuzzFeed has a cat fetish.”

The Mirror sought comment from Coppins on how he feels about being disinvited to Nunberg’s mother’s house for Shabbos dinner. His response: “:( “