Russia eliminated from medal contention for men’s hockey

Sarah Hofmann Contributor

Russia’s men’s hockey team lost any hope of a medal Wednesday when they lost to Finland 3-1. This is the third Olympics in a row that Russia’s men’s ice hockey has not gotten a medal.

Russia scored the first goal, but then were unable to stop the Finn’s offensive. The team wanted to win so badly that their reaction to the loss is almost pitiful. Pavel Datsyuk told ESPN, “Inside, I’m absolutely empty.”

The Washington Capital playing for Russia, Alex Ovechkin, seemed nonplussed. He said, “We had a good start, score [on the] power play, feel pretty good. Few mistakes cost us the game. We tried to score another one, but we didn’t score. … No emotion right now.”

Russia lost to the U.S. earlier in finals in an eight-round shootout. The last time Russia won gold in ice hockey was 1992. The last time they won any medals was a bronze in 2002.

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