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Morning Joe producer sees upside of jury duty 

“First observations: sleeping past 5 am makes me particularly love my country. #juryduty” — Jane Timm, MSNBC “Morning Joe” producer. 


Washington Post reporter gets bike stolen 

“Left work today and realized someone had stolen my new (4-day-old) bike. Then got home & realized someone had torn down my neighbor’s house.” — WaPo‘s Felicia Sonmez.

Piers Morgan still coping with lots of crap 

A follower to CNN’s Piers Morgan, who recently lost his show: “I bet you have a one inch penis.” Piers replied, “How much?”


Chances are pretty high that…

“After that Putin speech, Fox News, CNN and MSNBC are talking about…the plane.” — HuffPost Media.

Aftermath of a firing 

“Thanks for your concern. I’m sure I’ll die, right after I am forced to eat my children and my cats. Name. One Facts.” — fired Breitbart News contributor Lee Stranahan to a follower, still hashing out what happened last week between he and his supervisor, Brandon Darby.


MSNBC Chris Hayes’ first tweet ever involves a sweater 

“Looking out the window and quietly crying into my sweater.” — Hayes’ first tweet in 2007. Read the backstory here.