Watch two vets DESTROY a guy wearing fake US Army Rangers uniform [VIDEO]

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Things got heated on the San Joaquin Delta College campus last week when a man wearing a military uniform was confronted by two veterans who believe he never served.

The two veterans, an unidentified Army Ranger and Kristopher Vieira, approached the man due to inconsistencies with his rank tab and division while wearing an Army Rangers uniform. He was wearing an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (E.O.D.) tab, a 101st Airborne tab, as well as an E-8 rank tab.

They ask to see his identification and when he says he doesn’t have it on him, they respond that it’s part of the official military uniform. Someone offscreen says, “You do realize that the 101st is not a Ranger unit? You do realize that the 101st is not an E.O.D. unit?”

The man in uniform remains relatively silent while the Ranger in the dark shirt goes off on him. Bystanders come up asking why they’re harassing him and the dark shirt replies, “Because I am a United States f***in’ Ranger and this guy is not. I had four brothers who died with this goddamn tab on their arms. And he’s wearing it and he never earned that motherf***er. That’s why.”

Vieira has been asked to refrain from harassing the man by police before, reports KXTV.



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