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After rounding second base, Mika and Arianna to jump in bed

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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At the end of January, MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinksi and Huffington Media Group’s Arianna Huffington began pushing their upcoming “Third Metric” event at which they’ll discuss how to find peace and balance in their harried lives. In a promotional photograph, their breasts were leaning up against each other. Hence our headline: “Boobs Are Touching: The Mika Brzezinksi and Arianna Huffington Edition.”

Since then, they’ve separated their breasts.

But that doesn’t mean they are any less close. They are still insinuating a faux lesbian connection with Brzezinksi now luring guests to the event by announcing this morning on “Morning Joe” that they’ll be on stage, in bed, together. You know, gabbing and such. “The conversations are going to be off the hook, we are going to be in bed on stage at times and there’s going to be three two-ton sculptures that are going to be stunning,” she explained. “Pillow talk. We’re going to talk about sleep and other things.”

The sculptures, made with a chainsaw and an ax, were created by Mika’s mother, who will also speak at the event. Brzezinksi said the whole bed thing is normal for her — her best friend sleeps over and they sleep together, chatting all night long.

Mika also remarked with c0-host Joe Scarborough how radiant Arianna looked last night at a party for Arianna at “Morning Joe” regular Steve Rattner‘s gorgeous apartment. “She was radiant last night by the way,” Scarborough gushed. “Absolutely radiant.” Mika agreed, saying, she’d have to get tips.

Talking about two women on stage in bed was certainly one way to get the men at the “Morning Joe” table to keep listening, even if it did make WaPo‘s Eugene Robinson a tad uneasy. No doubt Mika and Arianna will find a way to connect without their boobs touching, as they were in the picture below.

The “Third Metric Live” events take place in New York City in April and in Washington in May at DAR Constitution Hall.

As you can see in their current photo spread, in which Mika dons a futuristic white lipstick shade to match her all-white attire, not only are their boobs as far apart as possible, but there’s now a giant, purple THRIVE between them.

No breasts whatsoever.