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.@JoeBiden is back

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Good news, Democrats: Joe Biden is going to help you win in November! Well, @JoeBiden is, at least.

ABC News has the statement from the Democratic National Committee:

“Vice President Biden’s campaign Twitter account is re-launching on Monday. The account will be run by the DNC after being dormant for over a year. @JoeBiden will be another way for the Vice President to engage our supporters, spread the Democratic message and support our candidates heading into the midterm elections.”

What better way to get people to the polls than with a Twitter account under the name of the Vice President?

He’ll also be tweeting stuff himself, somewhere in his busy schedule of embarrassing the White House, being hidden away until everybody forgets about it, and then repeating the process over and over. You’ll be able to tell those tweets because he’ll sign them. Like this one, his first in over a year:

Yes. Let’s.

Welcome back, @JoeBiden! And congratulations in advance, Democrats. This will definitely make voters forget about all their other problems.

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Jim Treacher