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Rep. Vance McAllister seeks FBI investigation

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Could Rep. Vance McAllister (R-La.) be any more of a loser?

In the latest on this bizarre Washington sex scandal, the congressman, a first-term Christian who ran on family values is seeking an FBI investigation to find out who outed him for making out with his scheduler, a cosmetologist. The incident was caught on tape by a security camera in his district office.

The News-Star reported Wednesday morning that the congressman will request an FBI investigation from House Speaker John Boehner regarding the person or persons who leaked the passionate kissing scene from the security camera. “It’s a serious breach,” said Adam Terry, the congressman’s chief of staff.

The lawmaker is married as is his aide, Melissa Anne Hixon Peacock. The unfortunately-named Heath Peacock, Melissa’s sad husband, reportedly still believes that the kiss was only a kiss and nothing more. Sigh. Melissa Peacock has since resigned her job.

A bizarre aspect of this tale is a local Christian pastor has taken a very public role in outing the leaker. He claims it’s McAllister’s district manager Leah Gordon. So he disclosed a confidential source in a news leak. Aren’t ministers supposed to value confidentiality?

The men of God, both the pastor and the congressman, think the leak is worse than the cheat? Weird.

Finally, the pastor’s name is Danny Chance which rhymes with the congressman in question, Vance. What are the chances of that? A yokel story from beginning to end.

Update: Well, well, well. So the kissing congressman appears to be having some change of heart or maybe spleen. Now they’re saying that asking for an FBI investigation is just one of many options the cheating lawmaker is considering. Ugh. Disgusting already. Just figure out, congressman, and stop putting conflicting press reports out there.