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BOLD QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Maybe I should just say get the government out of my fucking snatch, you know?” – V.P. Selina Meyer, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus on HBO’s Veep. On last night’s episode, Dreyfus’ character was trying to figure out her position on abortion.


Overheard in the newsroom 

“I want to shoot my fucking face off every time I hear it.” — Anonymous employee regarding another employee’s cell phone ring.

Sex and the kissing congressman

“Traditional marriage in America today does include some extracurricular something.” — MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell in a recent testimonial on Rep. Vance McAllister (R-La.) martial dalliance. O’Donnell’s point: regular marriage actually does include sex.

It’s getting hot in here 

“I can’t think of anything worse than the first few beautifully cool days of Spring being ruined by my landlord’s polar vortex level heat.” — Jane Timm, producer, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”


WaPo Gene Weingarten’s f-you to gun owners 

“I apologize to all gun nuts for using the expression gun nuts.” — WaPo‘s “humor” columnist Gene Weingarten, who also has something against women whose names end in “i.” Have a  look: “Dear woman named Jenni or Traci or Staci or Wendi or Brandi or Kathi: Change it. No one will ask you y.”

Question we must all ask ourselves: “Why is there a man walking through L’Enfant Plaza in a banana suit? #metrotweets” — Politico‘s Juana Summers.

HuffPost‘s media reporter thinks comment sections are dying breed

“I feel like ‘comment sections’ don’t have more than two years of life left. No one will miss them, either.” — Jason Linkins, who ceased live blogging the Sunday political shows because he wanted to eat brunch. Anyone miss that?

Travel bitches 

“Things I don’t get: guy standing at front of boarding line for last hour. Dude, we’re gonna be on this plane for 5 hrs.” — The Cook Political Report‘s National Editor Amy Walter.

“A @united employee to me, after I wondered aloud why my chosen seat was reassigned by the kiosk: ‘The world is a strange place.'” — WaPo Style writer Dan Zak.

Pill popping freelancer 

“I’ve taken so many Advil today I almost chomped down on them like they were Skittles.” — Washington-based writer Melanie Renzulli.

Deep thoughts with Sen. Cory Booker 

“I once faced a political adversary who used outrageous tactics to discourage me. I just kept going… & kept praying 4 us both.” — Sen. Booker, opening up over the weekend.

Time for some R & R 

“I have the rest of April off. Thank you Jesus. I need it. Going on vacation soon down to @WildDunesResort my favorite place on earth.” — Motivational writer and radio segment host Sophia Nelson.


“Witnessed a scary incident today. Watch out for pedestrians, DC cab drivers.” — Roll Call Senate reporter Niels Lesniewski.

Question for the masses

“Is it wrong to hire someone based solely on their first name? Because I am tempted. So, so tempted.” — Hilary Sargent, news and homepage editor,  And this: “Just got a cover letter that includes the word ‘ballsy.'”

Important inquiry: “When are the cherry blossoms over?” — Washington Examiner‘s Kelly Cohen.


THE BELOVED CHERRY BLOSSOMS: “The 1,542nd version you’ve seen this weekend.” — Anne Cronin, deputy managing editor, Politico.