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Check out this so-called ‘sexist’ weather report

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Feminists may want to look away now.

Last night as a balmy spring day turned wildly back to winter and icy rain fell on my windshield, I internally questioned what the hell was going on with the weather. Naturally when I got home, I hunted down the 10-day Washington weather forecast on, which would hopefully make sense of it all.

But when I did, I noticed something odd in the search results. It read, “Most Sexist Ads on Earth. low.” And then, of course, proceeded to the pollen count and weather reports. Nothing like the ad pictured above in which a woman wonders whether she can open a catsup bottle. But still.

Sexist ads?

Some of the story ads they ran included “Wounded Lioness” and “Bear Drags Women From Garage.” Another was an unfortunately dressed pregnant woman doing squats in a sports bra, skimpy underwear (or some stingy piece of fabric, it’s hard to tell) and white kneesocks. The headline on that one was, “She Doesn’t Care if it Looks Wrong.” Yeah! Hear her roar!

Have a look. And hey, why blame the bear?

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