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Did he stop to write this while walking the dogs?

“When you walk two dogs together it becomes a buddy movie.” — NYT and CNBC’s John Harwood.

Yes, there are dumb questions

“Can something be a ‘full excerpt’? Asking for a friend.” — Mediaite editor Evan McMurry.

Religious weatherman 

“It’s raining like God is angry with DC again. A safe assumption, of course.” — NationalReviewOnline‘s Jonah Goldberg.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough agrees to get demasculated by FNC’s Megyn Kelly to sell copies of his book. See here.

And an ex-Senate flack demasculates 50 Cent

“I guess I need to apologize to 50 cent for calling him 50 cents in my last tweet. still, my sister throws better than him.” — QGA’s Jim Manley, former aide to Sens. Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy, among others.

Reporter disrespects oldest congressman in America

“I mean credit to Hall for his sense of civic duty, I suppose, but when I’m 90 I’m just going to wear suspenders and yell at #teens all day.” — Mother Jones senior reporter Tim Murphy. Rep. Ralph Hall (R-Texas), 91, lost his primary last night.

Come on, everyone needs a last name

“The afghan politician Abdullah Abdullah is really named just Abdullah. Western media kept bugging him for a last name, so he chose Abdullah.” — NYT‘s Farhad Manjoo.

Deep thoughts with Martha Plimpton 

“What kind of world is this where people think they can say the kinds of vile things they say to others here? It’s so bizarre.” — actress Martha Plimpton.

Deeper thoughts with Cameron Gray 

“When did thoughtful and rational debate turn into trying to out hashtag the other guy?” — NRA NewsCameron Gray.

Just in case you think you’re having a shitty day

“Woman, 90, waits nearly 45 minutes for D.C. ambulance before fire truck akes her to hospital.” — WTOP.

Congratulations to… Noah Rothman, who’s leaving Mediaite to become associate editor of Hot Air. “Warmest thanks to everyone who sent congrats my way yesterday,” he wrote on Twitter to his LEGIONS AND HORDES of fans. “If I didn’t get to you personally, thank you! Flattered by the well wishes.” BuzzFeed‘s Benny Johnson first reported the news.

sigmund_freud35082Fournier Appointment

Ron Fournier as Sigmund Freud 

“How @Milbank says F*** you.” — National Journal‘s incessant tweeter Ron Fournier decides to psychoanalyze this spotted item published by The Mirror Tuesday on WaPo‘s Dana Milbank at the local Whole Foods. Milbank spent $52.68 on his chi chi items — micro greens, Italian mix greens, hummus, carrots, milk, yogurt, olives, pitas, tortillas and parmesan. He quickly inhaled the hummus.