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SPOTTED: WaPo’s Dana Milbank at Whole Foods

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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At about 1 p.m. today, WaPo columnist Dana Milbank was spotted at Whole Foods in the Logan Circle neighborhood of Washington D.C. (Sorta near his colleague Erik Wemple‘s home over on Q St. NW. Wemple, the “reported” media blogger, helped run Allbritton-owned TBD into the ground.)

He and my Mirror spy walked right past each other like two ships in the night. My spy was going out the exit door. Milbank, in turn, was going in the exit door.

“His hair was a little more mussed than on TV (perhaps it was the humidity, maybe he needs a haircut- it didn’t look bad) and he was wearing a sports coat,” my tipster dished. “He did look a little grumpy but I could be saying that because I’m grumpy today- maybe I’m projecting?”

Asked if he or she noticed how height challenged Milbank is, my spy replied, “I noticed it was him because of how short he is. I’ve seen him at various places over the years so the shortness thing hasn’t gotten to me since at least 2008.”

As Milbank was just entering the fancy market, the tipster had no idea what he was there to purchase.

The Mirror sought comment from Milbank on his mood and cuisine choice.

This is his reply:

100_red_lentil_hummusHi Betsy. I’m honored that my errands are worthy of your attention. I stopped for groceries at the P Street Whole Foods after watching Grover Norquist at Ralph Nader’s event (column forthcoming!) at the Carnegie Institution at 16th and P. I parked on the roof and came down the stairs, so I’m not sure what that bit about entering through the exit is. The only time I can recall being grumpy is when I discovered in the frozen food aisle that all my favorite flavors of Amy’s Burritos were sold out and only gluten-free varieties remained. I bought: micro greens, Italian mix greens, carrots, milk, yogurt, olives, mozzarella, parmesan, hummus, pitas, tortillas. The bill came to $52.68, and I got a 5-cent refund for bringing my own bag. I have eaten most of the hummus and pitas already and some of the carrots. Hopefully I will have an appetite when I meet a friend this evening at Fiola Mare in Georgetown. The reservation is for 6:30 in case anybody wants to cover that event as well. Thank you for your interest. DM