Now On iTunes For For Just 99 Cents: THE WORLD’S WORST VIDEO GAME [PHOTOS]

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Teenagers everywhere can now download the world’s worst video game on Apple’s iTunes for the low, low price of 99 cents.

The sick role-playing fantasy game, called “On The Lam: Fugitive Simulator,” allows users to amuse themselves as crazed murderers with various killing rationales who then survive by thieving, taking drugs and killing some more.

“On The Lam” – last updated on May 29 – is a creation of Skaldic Games, an independent video game developer out of Southern California.

“On The Lam” was designed to be the most realistic fugitive simulator game ever made,” the Skaldic Games website boasts. “Many hours of researching actual fugitive cases were spent to bring the most authentic and realistic experience to the player.”

Skaldic Games rates the violent, nihilistic game as “12+” for “infrequent/mild realistic violence” and “infrequent/mild alcohol, tobacco, or drug use or references.”

A disturbed dad alerted The Daily Caller to the unsettling nature of “On The Lam” after he discovered his 13-year-old son playing it.

“I partly blame myself,” the concerned father, who wishes to remain anonymous, told TheDC. “He has an iPhone that he has for emergencies and games. I usually check his phone and what he downloads, and all the games in the past have been simple things such as Angry Birds and those other cartoony games.”

The dad began to suspect something was amiss when his son was glued to his iPhone even longer than usual.

“I wanted to make sure he wasn’t texting any stranger, so he showed me the game and I had to play it myself just to see what exactly my kid was being exposed to.”

That’s when the mad dad discovered that his son had been role-playing for hours as a homicidal maniac.

The extreme subject matter starts at the very outset of the game when players are briefly informed about the nature of a heinous crime they just committed. All the crimes appear to include premeditated, cold-blooded murder.


TheDC obtained some screenshots of the introductory screens:


Breivik one


left wing eco terrorist


muslim extremist


neo nazi screenshot


After committing the initial crime, players as young as 12 years old proceed to choose their own criminal adventure by eluding the cops, violently stealing cars, taking illicit drugs, robbing stores, breaking into houses and killing innocent people.

For example, in the midst of a robbery, they can choose to kill a mother and her two children or merely tie them up:


kill people


In other scenes, users can consume meth and other illegal drugs:




Down the right side of the user’s screen is a list of role-playing abilities and sensations including endurance, dexterity, paranoia, hunger, health, tiredness and bladder and bowels.




Strangely, the screenshots that appear at the beginning of the game informing players about their murderous motivations don’t appear in any of the sample screenshots on iTunes.

“I think if the game developer added those screenshots right on the app store, no one would download it, so it seems to be hidden intentionally,” the angry father told TheDC.

“This game actually might inspire a killer,” he added.

The man behind Skaldic Games and “On the Lam” is former Activision employee Randall Herman.

So far, 26 iTunes users have rated “On the Lam.” It has garnered a 3-star rating overall.

According to, “On the Lam” is also now available as a computer game. The PC cost is $10.

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