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Allen West On Obama’s Leadership: ‘We Don’t Even Have A Beta Dog — We Have A Delta Dog’

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If as some, including former Congressman Allen West himself, contend that the Republicans in the Florida state legislature meant harm to Allen West when they redistricted him out of his seat in 2012, they may have erred.

Now, with over 1 million “likes” on his Facebook page, and as a Fox contributor, political commentator, speaker, author and activist who has his own PAC, Allen West’s national influence and reach has benefited incredibly from leaving Congress in 2013.

In Part 1 (12:10 minutes) of this characteristically frank, no-holds-barred, two-part video interview, Col. West admits that his “very in-your-face, truth-telling type of principled approach” in the public square is “a threat to both political party’s leadership) sides.” And, significantly, he seems open to national office in this video interview, and appears willing to “stand up to the elites in this country.”

Last month he rode 2400 miles on a cross country motorcycle tour in 8 days, doing his own focus group with citizens. An author of a new book, “Guardian of the Republic,” Col. West says Americans are ”awakening.” It began “when Americans started to get the cancellation notices about their (health) insurance policies. That became real.” He also cites the loss of work hours and rising costs for fuel and food, as examples of what is making more main street Americans pay attention to flawed governance.

Saying that America’s first black President has harmed, rather than helped, race relations in America, West starts by citing the Administration’s opposition to school choice and school vouchers as a way to close off educational opportunities from blacks. He continues by chiding the Administration’s promotion of amnesty while black unemployment and black teen unemployment rates are too high. Lastly, West derides the failure to unify the nation by Obama’s pitting Americans against one another in groups in order to garner political power.

In general, to Col. West, President Obama’s legacy will be one of “failure – failure on economics, energy, national security and foreign policy.”

Commenting on the attacks he and black conservatives endure, West says successful black conservatives “scare” the liberal progressive left. Black conservatives like West must be silenced because, he says, we “take away their narratives” by being successful without them.

For a soldier who has been shot at on the battlefield, character assassinations by the left simply tell him “you only take flack when you’re over the target.” He calls out the hypocrisy exhibited by the two sets of rules for prominent blacks in the public square, depending on their politics.

In Part 2 (11:50 minutes) of this video interview, at the bottom of this post, he discusses Obama’s diminishing of America’s stature on the world stage, Benghazi and why more military leaders don’t resign or protest.

When America’s President sits in a room with Russia, China or Iran’s leaders as America’s commander in chief, West wishes America had the “big dog.” Instead, “we don’t even have a beta dog. We have a delta dog. It’s shameful. So, that’s why you see our foreign policy where we’re disrespected and dismissed.”

Comparing the focus of President Reagan’s efforts to improve the capacity of America’s military strength and capability, West strongly condemns the downsizing of the military along with this Administration’s “most important vital national security interests.” The offensive, priority policies to West include repealing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ ensuring Bradley Manning gets his transgender hormonal treatment and instituting atheist chaplains.

On behalf of the Americans we failed to rescue and their families, Allen West calls those who dismiss the efforts to find out the truth about the 2012 Benghazi attacks as “disrespectful and unconscionable.”

West adds, “There was a false narrative that was put out about Benghazi. Then, there are two questions: who put out the false narrative about an anti-Islamic video and why did they put it out there?”

Citing specific American supplies that anti-American terrorists now have, West says here, “I believe we have an Administration that is choosing the wrong side.” West credits Judicial Watch, a private organization, for shaming House Republicans into finally appointing a select committee to get to the truth.


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